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The Touched by a Demon Series

Scholars say that when Lucifer fled Heaven, he took a third of the heavenly host with him. To lure his fellow angels from Paradise, he promised them a ground-floor opportunity in his start-up organization. They didn’t know just how ground-floor it was. Now they work for Satan, using their allure to steal the souls of the unwary.

But Earth women aren’t that easy…

If you like bad-boy heroes and strong heroines, you’ll love these steamy enemies-to-lovers paranormal romances.

Book 1

the demoan always wins jeanne estridge

Satan chose him. God chose her. 

Only one of them can win.

Book 2

the demon's in the details jeanne estridge

He’s the geekiest demon in Hell. She’s a technology-hating artist. Can complete opposites join forces to defeat Satan?

Free Short Story!

original sin jeanne oates estridge

Long before Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem ever burned their bras, there was Lilith.

Book 3

Because having a baby changes everything.