The Demon’s in the Details

Touched by a Demon - Book 2

the demon's in the details jeanne estridge

About the book

It will be a cold day in Hell before artist Georgia O’Keeffe “Keeffe” Blackmon gives up the statue of the evangelist John that was created by her late mother, a world-famous inspirational sculptor. Keeffe’s not selling—not even when a man who is as rich as devil’s food cake and handsome as sin—the gorgeous but morally repulsive billionaire Seth McCall—is buying. But that’s before Keeffe, battling severe dyslexia, decodes the fine print on a fiendish contract only to discover she has just one month to prove she’s earning a living with her art or John will be lost to her forever.

Demons will ice skate on the Lake of Fire before Satan puts Abaddon, aka Bad, the demon of sloth and Hell’s geekiest demon, back in charge of Hell’s technology hub. But while Bad may lack the beauty of a fallen angel, he has something better: brains. In return for a promised reassignment to the tech hub, Bad offers to possess McCall and, with the unbeatable combination of McCall’s good looks and his own smarts, melt Keeffe into selling him John.

As Keeffe races to complete a mural in McCall’s McMansion and earn the cash she needs to keep her statue, the billionaire blows hot one minute and cold the next. It’s almost as if he’s two different men: one sweet and nerdy, the other a total jerk. Their attraction may be sizzling, but will Keeffe’s feelings remain warm when she learns the truth about her demon-occupied lover?

Hell will freeze over before Satan gives up his most brilliant demon. Bad may be the brainiest demon in Hell—but is he clever enough to outwit Satan and win himself and Keeffe their happy ever after?


RWA Golden heart finalist

Finalist, 2018 RWA® Golden Heart® award