Scholars say that when Lucifer fled Heaven, he took a third of the heavenly host with him.

To lure his fellow angels from Paradise, he promised them a ground-floor opportunity in his start-up organization. They didn’t know just how ground-floor it was.

Now they work for Satan, using their allure to steal the souls of the unwary.

But Earth women aren’t that easy…

If you like bad-boy heroes and strong heroines, you’ll love these steamy enemies-to-lovers paranormal romances.

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original sin jeanne oates estridge

Lilith is a character readers love to hate. Have you ever wondered why she’s such a mega-bitch?

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The Touched by a Demon Series

The Demon Always Wins: Book 1

the demoan always wins jeanne estridge

The Demon’s in the Details: Book 2

the demon's in the details jeanne estridge

The Demon’s Secret Baby: Book 3

Praise for The Touched by a Demon Series

Clever, sexy, and oh-so fun!
—Darynda Jones

Complex, satisfying brain candy for the paranormal romance fan.
—Jilly Wood

Estridge’s Hell is a high-tech hoot!
—Donna MacMeans

Fantastic conflict that never lets up!
—Sarah Andre